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Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a pittance of time to thank a guy who was a major contributor to this blog, and his name is JOHN CENA! No? Not funny? Ok so since you read the title of this little article you know his name is Kevin. Kevin has made all of the logos for this blog including The Knockers, Parisone Productions, and is working on a Trif-Awwwns logo as I type and you read. The best part of this is that he's doing it all for free and is doing it just because he wanted to get better at making logos (Yeah I know, have you seen The Knockers logo? That's not even his full potential). Anyways basically what I wanted to say is thank you Kevin and without you, this blog wouldn't be possible or look as good!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

The Coldest Night

The Coldest Night

CHAPTER 1: The Beginning
 So hey there, I guess your here to hear about my story. Well it all started 10 days from Christmas.
I was walking to school with my sister and she saw her friend, her friend looked at me like I just pooped in her pancakes or something. So she walked up to me and started chasing me and said "I'll kick your A#$!" and started kicking me, she was like 6 or something so I asked her where she learned that language than she replied with the same words... I wouldn't say I ran but... I may have ran away from a 6 year old girl.

 After that experience I was at my school, I looked back to make sure she didn't follow me and she didn't. I was safe so I started walking and then I saw it, or him he's human I think. The guy that follows me around was walking around looking for me. I ran to the wall and hit it... but that's besides the point. He started walking away and I was safe, I walked around the corner and I saw stalker #2 he saw me and I ran away but, he was on my tail. I saw a shed and ran around it. He saw me and followed but he didn't know I ran around the whole shed so I shook him off. 

I started to run when stalker #1 re-appeared, then my friend tackled him... ya it was not really necessary but it helped. Stalker #2 appeared and was mad he ran after both my friend and I as my friend said "I'm injured bro, I'll sacrifice myself and tackle him, so you can get away." said Night. "No Night you won't make it, i'll do it!" I replied. " Are you stupid he said, he'll get you, run!" "No, I can help you!" " Shut up and run, and remember if i'm gone you have to fight! Fight for yourself! Fight for your freedom! Fight!Fight! FIGHT!" yelled Night. " I wont let you die!" Night pushed me down and ran at stalker #2 (Named M) and tried to tackle him but M pushed him down and stomped on him. M looked at me and smiled, then bell rung, Night looked hurt.


I grabbed Night and told him to meet me at my house later so we could get back at Stalker #1 (Mo) and Stalker #2 (M). He said" I don't know Red, if we go and fight back it may be over for us" "Trust me Night nothing bad will happen to us."  

"Mo I heard Red and Night talking about attacking us tonight." said M. "So what should we do?" asked Mo. " We should grab our buds and teach them a lesson, i'll text them to meet us and we will discuss a plan to stop them." said M 

M gathered his friends and discussed a plan, his friends were to circle his house ready to attack with dart guns. M modified them so they hurt like crazy.  His plan was good but we got our friends too, 
Harsh and Austin. Harsh was on the inside with a walkie talkie, and Austin was grabbing there dart guns for us. Harsh and Austin received the emails, and told us right away. Night and I were ready to finish this.

CHAPTER 2: The Coldest War.
 "Night you ready?" asked Red. "As ever." replied Night. We started walking towards the house looking at the decorations, we never noticed his men, they were hidden good. We approached the front door. I looked at Night he looked at me, we nodded and I knocked on the door. *BING* My phone went off, it was an email from M, it said attack in 30 secs. Harsh got me in the covo under a new name.

I heard the snow crunch as I heard a noise on the roof and a Santa blow up decoration fell! I pushed Night out of the way as it fell on me. " RED!" The decoration was crushing me as I heard darts getting fired. Night ran and yelled "Red, I wont leave you!" I crawled to the door and grabbed the door knob it was open! I crawled in and saw his army of men, they saw me and started to shoot. I ran to the back door where I saw Austin with the guns. "Red you made it" said Austin. "Ya I did, where's Night?" I asked. He didn't know but, gave me a dart gun and said he went to the hills he saw Harsh there and went to get him. I told Austin I'd get him and for Austin to get his snowmobile and meet us.

I ran to the hill as I heard Austin scream then hear darts being fired. I looked back and saw his hand lie there behind the house, I had to keep on moving if I tried to save Austin I might get captured. I ran on to the hill, where I saw someone with a dart gun I shot him in the back of the head and he fell down crying I grabbed his ammo and looked at him the pain he was in, I didn't want to shoot him again if I did he'd be knocked out. Then I remembered what they did to Austin and I looked at him and I shot him.

I saw where they were, I walked up and hid behind a tree, they had Night. They were punching him as Harsh watched. I was so mad at Harsh, why was he watching! I ran to the hill and was shot I fell down and looked up and saw Night, he was never down there it was someone else, he looked at me and laughed he tied me up and dragged me to a van. M and Mo where sitting there in Santa costumes, I saw Harsh and Austin, they looked horrible, Night looked at me through the doors, and said "Merry Christmas Red... I hope you survive the experience."

Chapter 3: The Dieing Wish

Damn it. Damn Night. Damn this plan. Damn this world. He betrayed us, he was working with them the whole time. I was going to kill him. Kill everyone who stood in my way. I looked to my right side and saw Austin he was crying, I looked at his face and it was covered in blood. I looked at Harsh and he was just lying on his side, not moving, or talking. I then saw M as he looked at me with a baseball bat in his hand. He smiled at me then called for Night and Mo. They both came out with those dart guns in their hands. M said "Listen up, one of you is going to die right now. It will be decided by the three of you. You have 5 minutes to decide." I looked at Austin then at Harsh and said "I'll do it." "No Anthony you can't." Austin said. "Austin you have to let me go. I started this and I'll finish it." "No bu-" "Austin shut up, he knows what he's doing" Harsh said. Austin looked disgusted as he said "How can you say that? After all he's done. You bastard!" "Austin shut up! Let me go!" I said. "Have we decided yet?" M asked. "Yes, me!" I said. "Excellent. Mo, go ahead,"

Mo walked up to me with a baseball bat as he aimed it at me, and swung but, I rolled to the side got up and stabbed him in the neck with my knife. He fell to the floor, M looked at me and yelled "Fire!" Night started shooting his gun as M ran at me with a Golf Club. I passed the knife to Harsh as he started cutting off Austins ropes. I picked up the Baseball Bat and swung it at M, he ducked and hit me in the leg with the club. Night stopped shooting and ran away as M started hitting me with the club over and over, but then Austin jumped in and tackled him off. I got up and grabbed the knife from Harsh, I walked up to M then out of nowhere Night shot me in the head. I dropped the knife next to M as he reached over and stabbed Austin in the neck. M got up and ran to Night as they left the building. I looked at Austin as he was lying there crying as blood poured out of his neck. I crawled over there as he looked at me and smiled and weakly said  "Thank you." I looked at him as his eyes started closing "No! Stay with me! No, No, No! Don't leave... please." I said as I started crying. "Anthony... You have to let me..." "Austin? Austin? No! AUSTIN!" I screamed as Austin died. "No... No... Please come back..." "Anthony." Harsh said. "Get up... and lets kill M and Night... RIGHT NOW!" I looked at Harsh "I'm going to tear them to pieces." I got up and picked up the knife and walked out the door with Harsh behind me, and Austin above me.


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"Trif-Awwwns" is one of the first stories I ever wrote. I used my work environment as a huge inspiration for the comic series and the blog series because I felt like people needed to read about this. Now to be fair what goes down in the blog series is extremely different than what happens in real life. The Great Cracker Heist of 2015 did happen but it was very different than the blog series. It's hard to say if i'll ever come back and finish off Trif-Awwwns, but i'd say that i most likely will. That's all for now, Anthony out!

The Knockers

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"The Knockers" is a story like "Trif-Awwwns", but it follows Anthony outside of the restaurant he works in and puts him with his friends Austin, Abdu and Ethan. Now these characters are very much like the characters in my previous stories in terms of their personalities. In the first chapter of, "The Knockers" not a lot is revealed of the characters, we get to know that Ethan isn't the most normal kid you would meet, but we never really learn what Anthony, Austin, or Abdu is like. I do intend to go further into detail with these characters, but I had to make sure that this first chapter was weird, fun, and most of all, I needed it to be interesting. I'll be the first to admit that there isn't a clear story in place yet, but the story will evolve and we will learn more about these four wacky heroes. All I can say about the second chapter of "The Knockers" is it's title. The Field Trip. That's all for now I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, if you have any suggestions about the story please feel free to comment below, because I am just starting this out and need some pointers. Anthony out!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Welcome to Parisone Productions! (Update #1)

Welcome to Parisone Productions, a blog where i'll be posting books, comics, and videos all made by myself. I am working on a book series titled "The Knockers" and a comic series titled "Trif-Awwwns" which also has a book version with the same name. All of my book/comic projects will be based in the same universe and will feature some of the same characters. The Knockers first chapter is set to release sometime Late May/Early June. Trif-Awwwns The Comic may be released at the end of this month but, it's hard to transfer it online so it may take longer. That's all for this update, i'll see you soon with some content, if you are interested in the two books i have coming up, go check out their pages, you can find them on my home page! Have a good one!