Thanks Kevin!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a pittance of time to thank a guy who was a major contributor to this blog, and his name is JOHN CENA! No? Not funny? Ok so since you read the title of this little article you know his name is Kevin. Kevin has made all of the logos for this blog including The Knockers, Parisone Productions, and is working on a Trif-Awwwns logo as I type and you read. The best part of this is that he's doing it all for free and is doing it just because he wanted to get better at making logos (Yeah I know, have you seen The Knockers logo? That's not even his full potential). Anyways basically what I wanted to say is thank you Kevin and without you, this blog wouldn't be possible or look as good!

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Welcome to Parisone Productions! (Update #1)

Welcome to Parisone Productions, a blog where i'll be posting books, comics, and videos all made by myself. I am working on a book series titled "The Knockers" and a comic series titled "Trif-Awwwns" which also has a book version with the same name. All of my book/comic projects will be based in the same universe and will feature some of the same characters. The Knockers first chapter is set to release sometime Late May/Early June. Trif-Awwwns The Comic may be released at the end of this month but, it's hard to transfer it online so it may take longer. That's all for this update, i'll see you soon with some content, if you are interested in the two books i have coming up, go check out their pages, you can find them on my home page! Have a good one!

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